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Unusable unique constraint

Another annoying thing about unusable indexes I’m surprised that I can’t remember coming across this before before. I want to archive some data from a bunch of partitions. Unfortunately, I can’t follow the virtuous circle of data lifecycling and partition the table in such a way that I can archive all the data from a […]

Remote Surprise

Here is an example of surprising behaviour from a remote DB from an OTN forum thread Setup a link to a remote DB (I’ve used an actual remote DB and not tested a loopback) Remote DB: Local DB: Then alternate variations on this sequence of events: 1. On local DB execute SELECT: 2. On remote […]

Determining Deterministic I – Introduction

There have been a couple of threads recently on the Oracle forums about deterministic functions and the performance benefits thereof. These keep nagging me that I have been meaning to write something up about this DETERMINISTIC assertion and to also investigate a couple of aspects of this further. Put simply, the DETERMINISTIC keyword asserts that [...]