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Performance live discussion on twitter, 12pm PST Tue April 15

Confio software is hosting a live discussion on twitter tomorrow Tuesday April 15 at 12pm PST on the subject of Oracle performance. I’ll be online answering performance questions and have invited many other friends to participate. Some friends who’ve said they’ll be there are Arup Nanda Dominic Delmolino Marcin Przepiorowski Toon Koppelaars Karl Arao Participation […]

Maximum manageable storage in VMware versions

  Maximum manageable storage per VM by ESX version 4.1: 32TB (vmdk) / 120TB (RDM) 5.0: 60TB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) 5.1: 60TB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) 5.5: 3.63PB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) Note that the 60TB limit for 5.0 and 5.1 requires Update 1. Without this the limit is 24TB. Exceeding the limits on […]

Oracle SQL*Net Wait Events

  Introduction Unfortunately, what Oracle calls “Network Waits” have little to do with Network but and almost exclusively to do with the time it takes to pack messeges for the network before they are sent. Client = you, the tool, sqlplus, application Not the client, the other side = the shadow process is communicating to […]

Oracle : buffer busy wait

  Oracle 10 and 11 Buffer Busy Waits usually happen on Oracle 10 and 11 mainly because of insert contention into tables or Indexes.  There are a few other rare cases of contention on old style RBS segments, file headers blocks and freelists. Before Oracle 10 and 11 there was one other major reason which […]

Health Care Crises in Application Development

if someone fraudulently uses your information for medical services or drugs, you could be held liable for the costs The demand for healthcare application development is exploding and has been exploding over the past couple of years because of Obama Care – Affordable Care Act Regulatory – HITECH and HIPAA Privacy Acts ICD  10 Pro-active […]

Delphix Modernization Engine

Delphix Modernization Engine is built on version 4 of our Agile Data Platform. Delphix built the Modernization Engine to help companies trying to migrate or consolidate data centers (including migration to private, public clouds) or retire/rationalize application portfolios. The product is designed to dramatically reduce project risk, as well as time and run-rate IT costs. […]