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EM12c Auditing

TweetLately I’ve been having more discussions on securing the EM12c environment.  All of IT has a tendency to treat the Enterprise Manager as a afterthought in both hardware allocation, as well as security best practices.  No one is sure of exactly why this is-  they all have their theories, but we do know it happens […]



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Oracle Security Loop hole from Steve Karam

I just saw a link to a post by Steve Karam on an ISACA list and went for a look. The post is titled ” Password Verification Security Loophole “. This is an interesting post discussing the fact that ALTER….[Read More] Posted by Pete On 22/07/13 A…

Maximum manageable storage in VMware versions

  Maximum manageable storage per VM by ESX version 4.1: 32TB (vmdk) / 120TB (RDM) 5.0: 60TB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) 5.1: 60TB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) 5.5: 3.63PB (vmdk) / 3.75PB (RDM) Note that the 60TB limit for 5.0 and 5.1 requires Update 1. Without this the limit is 24TB. Exceeding the limits on […]

Moving away from wordpress

I am sick of this advertisement on my site.
Therefor I am about to move most of my posts to
Thanks for following my blog for so long.
Lutz Hartmann

Oracle RMAN Restore to the Same Machine as the Original Database

Among the most critical but often most neglected database administration tasks is testing restore from backup. But sometimes, you don’t have a test system handy, and need to test the restore on the same host as the source database. In such situations, the biggest fear is overwriting the original database. Here is a simple procedure…

The Growing Trend Toward Data Infrastructure Outsourcing

Today’s blog post is the first of three in a series dedicated to data infrastructure outsourcing, with excerpts from our latest white paper. Despite the strong push to outsource corporate functions that began more than two decades ago, many IT shops have been hesitant to outsource their data management requirements. Generally, the more mission-critical the…

Install latest patch of APEX 4.2 (4.2.5)

A few days ago Oracle brought out a new patch for APEX 4.2, this will be the latest version of this build, the next version of APEX will be 5.0.If you already have APEX 4.2.x installed you can download a patch from, the patch number …

IOUG Collaborate 2014 presentations are online!

This is a small announcement that the slides of all of my four presentations for IOUG Collaborate 2014 are online in the ‘whitepapers and presentations’ section of this blog.

Presentation Slides for IOUG Collaborate

TweetI know that folks have been having some challenges downloading my slides from Collaborate for a couple of my sessions and I know I’ve received errors when updating two of them the other day, so I’ve added them to my slideshare location for your convenience. Thank you for everyone who attended my sessions-  such great […]



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What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas – Collaborate 14

IOUG’s Collaborate 14, is star-studded this year with the Pythian team illuminating various tracks in the presentation rooms. It’s acting like a magnet in the expo halls of The Venetian for data lovers. It’s a kind of rendezvous for those who love their data. So if you want your data to be loved, feel free…