Plagiarism in the largest possible way…

Take a look at this:

You’ll notice that this a complete copy of my website. Pratically the only thing that has changed is the articles now say, ” Hope this helps. Regards Ankit…”, rather than, ” Hope this helps. Regards Tim…”. This is totally unbelievable! He’s even used my home page:

I’ve written an email to the guy in question telling him to remove this stuff immediately.

If anyone out the would like to voice heir opinion on this matter I suggest you email him at

This is unbelievable!


Update: I’ve contacted the guys service provider, detailing the copyright infringement. Let’s see if they stick to their copyright infringement policy and remove this stuff!

Update2: I’ve sent a few more emails based on some suggestions in the comments for this post. Google Adsense are now investigating the violation of their Ts&Cs. Hopefully, this guy will have his Adsense account closed. In addition to his hosting company, I’ve contacted the owner of his IP address detailing the issue. This company claims to take these matters seriously, so let’s see what happens…