After tonight’s karate session I felt tired and wired at the same time, which is a bit of a weird combination, so I thought I would chill out by watching a film.

Daybreakers turns the normal vampire film on its head because the world is populated by vampires and humans are nearly extinct. I suppose it’s a little like I Am Legend in that respect, but here the vampires are more like regular people with jobs and families etc. They just “live” during the night. The lack of human blood means the vampire population is starving, which causes them to turn into giant insane bat people. Will humans survive? Will the vampires survive?

I’ve just read back that paragraph and it makes the film sound really naff, but it is actually OK. Not awesome. Just OK. Of course, in comparison to the “little girls vampire films that shall remain nameless” it’s a total Oscar winner. If you like vampire films that are not targeted at 13 year old girls you might like it. Of course, if you prefer your vampires to be pretty, shine in the sunlight like diamonds and fall in love with school girls then lock yourself in your bedroom until you’ve finished puberty. :)