Grid Control ( on OEL 4.8 x86_64…

I recently managed to screw up my Grid Control VM, so I was forced to reinstall it. I’d not written an article on it since 10gR2, as I’ve just been applying patches since then. Faced with a new install I decided to go x86_64 and do clean install direct to 10gR5.

I used OEL 4.8 as it is the highest supported OS version. I went with the standard new database installation as I can’t really be bothered messing about with an 11g database as the repository. I think of Grid Control in the same way I think of Oracle Apps. They are shrink-wrapped products and I try to keep them as basic as possible. Anything that can present a problem, usually will.

I must admit to liking Grid Control as a product, but the installation and configuration is truely horrible. At every step of the way you are waiting for the next disaster. There are just too many working parts and it eats resources like nobodies business. Am I the only person who thinks the infrastructure is overly complicated for the job it is actually doing? I really hope the 11g version (if it is ever released) will be neater.