Ten year anniversary (again)…

I’ve been having a 10 year anniversary of internet publishing for the best part of a year now.

I started publishing scripts and articles on the internet some time early in 2000, so really my 10 year anniversary was some time last year. I can’t remember the exact date though.

The first time my site appears on the Way Back Machine is June 2001 under the name Since this is the first recording I can find of the site, I guess it means it was off the search engine radar before then, so this could be considered the official start of the site (as seen by the world), making this my 10 year anniversary right about now.

Later that year I changed the name of the site, so the first listing of on the Way Back Machine is in October 2001. I guess I have another 10th anniversary around the corner. :)

I started this blog in June 2005, so it’s only my 6th anniversary of blogging. That’ll be another 10th anniversary in a few years time then. :)

I think I’ll stick with 2000 as being the start of it all because I’m getting old and it’s easy to remember. How times flies when you’re geeking out…