McDonald’s : Is service really your biggest problem?

I read a story last week called McDonald’s Tackles Repair of ‘Broken’ Service. As I came out of the cinema turned into a drive through to give it a shot and see what it was like. In this case the service was fine, but the food. OMG!

Now I’m a vegetarian, so choice is a little limited, but people who know me know that I’m not a fussy eater. I will pack pretty much anything into my mouth, which is why my waistline is rather ample…

I got some fries, which were OK. I figure you can’t get too much wrong with fries unless they are cold. They were warmish, so that wasn’t so bad. The rather large amount of salt saved them. I don’t tend to add salt to any of my food, so the odd super-salty food feels like a blood pressure busting treat. :) It kinda went downhill from there.

The vanilla shake tasted like it was made of plastic. There was nothing remotely dairy about the taste. Added to that, the cup was only 3/4 full. On second thoughts, the lack of product was a bonus here because it tasted rank.

The really nasty stuff started when I got my Spicy Veggie Sandwich. The bread was made out of rubber. The spicy veggie patty tasted like damp carpet that someone had dropped a jar of chili powder on. It contained salad that must have been a day old, then there was this slimy mush all over it that I can only assume was dredged up from a sewer. Needless to say that made a quick detour to my kitchen bin…

So looking back on that article about the service at McDonald’s, I think there is a much bigger problem than service here. The problem, from my limited experience, is the food is complete muck. Sort that out and you will go a long way toward turning things around!