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UTL_HTTP and SSL (HTTPS) using Oracle Wallets - This article describes how to use the UTL_HTTP package to interact with resources secured by SSL (HTTPS).

Tony Reed said...

the example will not work on Oracle 12.1

According to Oracle Support only the certificate chain should be imported, not the end site certificate.

I.e. In the example you use, only import these:
Builtin Object Token:GTE CyberTrust Global Root
Akamai Subordinate CA

If the third certificate, *, is imported utl_http throws a Certificate validation failure at you.

Tim... said...


Yes. I just did a run through to check and I get the same issue as you. I will amend the article to make sure this is clear.

It works fine with just the chain, not the end entry on 11.2 and 12.1.



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